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Scholarship Description

The FigurePrint Scholarship is an annual award created to help fund a student who exemplifies service and advocacy in their community and excels in and out of the classroom. We are thrilled to raise money for our 1st Annual Scholarship. Without the support of our FigureFam this scholarship will not be possible. 10% of each item purchased on the website will go towards our scholarship fund and awarded to the selected participant. Here we are visionaries and we are striving to make this scholarship bi-annually, selecting one man and one woman for our scholarship. Please help us reach our goal to propel exemplary young men and women while assisting them to reduce the financial barrier that restricts them from a goal or destination. 

Successful Applicants Will:

  1. Demonstrate how they utilize the FigurePrint philosophy as a driver for lasting change within their local school or community. 

  2. Show dedication and commitment to impacting the community in which he/she/they live.

  3. Exhibit how FigurePrints in their life have served as a positive and/or impactful catalyst within their life, family, or community. 

  4. Embody the traits of a FigurePrint through leadership and character. 

  5. Personify what it means to be an impactful FigurePrint through qualities in their personal life as well as within the community. 


  1. One-time academic scholarships awarded in the amount of $XX,XXX to one individual identifying as male and one individual identifying as woman to assist in the alleviation of financial

  2. burden coming from post-secondary education.

  3. Scholarships applicable for one-year only and are non-renewable. 

  4. Funds will be granted to the individual to be used at partial tuition aid. 

Application Requirements:​

  1. 2-3 page typed paper answering the questions below:

    1. Font: Times New Roman

    2. Font Size: 12pt 

    3. Spacing: Double Spaced 

  2. 10-12 slide PowerPoint

    1. We encourage this to be a creative expression reflecting the experiences touched upon in your typed paper. Feel free to implement images, videos, art, or other creative components!

  3. Copy of official and/or unofficial transcript. 

  4. Completed FigurePrint community service log.

(Required attachments to apply for the FigurePrint Scholarship Below) 

Honorees Will:

  1. Be featured as a FigureFam spotlight member. 

  2. Receive a one-time $XX,XXX college scholarship used to help alleviate the financial impact of post-secondary education. 

  3. Participate in FigureFam events 

  4. Meet and learn from FigurePrint founder Jalen Coleman-Lands through leadership development opportunities offered exclusively to scholarship recipients. 

  5. Join the FigureFam Scholarship’s Alumni program - a network of FigurePrints using their experiences to impact individuals and communities. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must be a US Citizen, US national, permanent resident or enrolled at/attending a US college or university.

  2. Students must have a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

  3. For academic scholarships, applicants must be a rising High School Senior or current College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior attending an accredited 4-year college or university. 

  4. Selected individuals must be an active FigureFam member - See membership details through the ‘Membership’ tab on

  5. Applicants must complete a minimum of 50 community service hours by application deadline. Community service hours must be logged in the official FigurePrint community service log (See attached link). The community service log will be included with application