The goal of FigurePrint is to provide a platform for teenagers, young adults, and parental figures to discuss challenging topics, non-existent in a household. Nonetheless, be the space for those who feel they are on their lonesome about a topic they believe no one else can relate to.


In a time where one is burdened with something heavy on their heart and mind, the recommended solution is medically prescribed, therapeutically appointed, or to just self-internalize. However, sometimes what you need most is whom you need most. Our platform facilitates the "who" that our targeted audience needs. The "who" being parental figures and role models that reinforce their words with action. These people are called FigurePrints, which are figures that leave impactful prints on those they come in contact with.  


Our platform acts as a blacksmith equipping our targeted audience with armor to face and overcome their internalized battles. FigurePrint comes together as a refuge, community, and family to combat intimidating topics. Not only do we welcome those who feel they are battling something on their lonesome, but those who wish to become the best version of themselves by confronting these neglected topics.


Our Goal