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"A FigurePrint is like a fingerprint; neither can be cloned."

- Jalen Coleman-Lands| CEO of FigurePrint, LLC


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10% of each item purchased on the website will go towards our scholarship fund and awarded to the selected participant

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Spotlight figures who are imprinting impactful prints in the lives of individuals in and outside their community.

Derrick Furlow Jr.

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Derrick Furlow was a highly scouted high school prospect who graduated from football powerhouse, University of Tennessee. Now a speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Furlow has seamlessly transitioned into the world post-college. 


From his athletic career, Furlow encapsulated lessons and teaching that helped him throughout his collegiate and professional journey. This led Furlow to create Sport Life Business in 2017, which was influenced by Impact Inspire and Empower founded in 2013.


Derrick has spoken to thousands of people from various educational and professional levels to find their individualized blueprint to success. He has written several self-help books that outline how to find transferable skills that pay, how to prepare for life after sports, and more.  Some of his most notable literature includes: What's Next, Transition Playbook, 9 Habits For Highly Effective Transitioning, and others.

Furlow founded a nonprofit organization called, XHunger in 2010, which is an initiative that fights to feed the homeless. His foundation also is beneficial to students who could use community service hours. Holding over 130 events. XHunger has fed tenths of thousands of people in need of food.  XHunger also allocates 100% of their proceeds to non-profits they support.


Jason Campbell

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A true neighborhood hero, Jason Campbell has devoted his extracurricular time to building his community. Outside of his occupational work as an entrepreneur, marketing maven, philanthropist, and certified life coach, Jason embodies all the characteristics of being FigurePrint. 

From being raised on the Southside of Chicago, then attending FAMU, a historically Black college (HBCU), and intangibles that radiate from his body Jason continues his mission of helping others.  


Jason is the fou nder of a sports marketing agency,Brand B Sports. Brand B Sports initiative is to help their clients create global, self-sustaining platforms that transcend their sport. 


Furthermore, Brand B Sports includes working with athlete's branding, orchestrating their endorsement deals, philanthropic campaigns, and business development endeavors. Their fingerprint can be found across the entire sports spectrum, NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NHL, and USTA.



Look Good.Feel Good.

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Growing up on the Westside of Louisville, Kentucky's inner city, I saw a lot and was exposed to much more than the average kid. The environment I grew up in caused me to see and personally experience parental dysfunction. 


Nonetheless, whether you see it or not; every family has its own dysfunctional print. It is the combination of indifferences and love that makes every family unique. A space to vent, learn and grow is a right I believe all people should have.  Following my belief came action, leading me to create FigurePrint.



It's the print left by the figure that will always be remembered. 

Here, my main goal is to provide advice, insight, and knowledge from a distinguished group of people who can relate to an array of challenges. Ideally, FigurePrint will be a space for those who feel isolated with topics individuals feel no one else can relate to.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."


-James Baldwin


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